Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Minivan Media

Picture yourself in the front seat of my Venture minivan. (Oh yes. You're already green with envy over my life of obvious excess.) We both have a grande skinny vanilla latte, and we have a little time to kill. We could be waiting for our kids, or for our meth dealer to show up. No matter. We're here, in the van, together. Let's talk pop culture. I promise to give you a 1000 word review where less than 10% is actually about the topic. It's like having an actual conversation with me.

Today's musical: Avenue Q

The other day I was behind a car with a bumper stick that read, "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Starbucks", and I had to laugh.  I do love me some Starbucks, but I would really prefer to drink Rocket Fuel from my friend Tommie's coffee shop in Mount Vernon, Iowa.  She has awesome coffee and kick-ass scones and cookies baked by her mama, Pat, and it is a complete funkatorium of art and antiques and badass tshotckes.  Here is her facebook page, I'll wait.  Fuel... art and espresso. You might have to be signed in to Facebook to link up.  If you see something you like and it is smallish, I'm sure Tommie will happily ship it to you.

Coffee addictions aside, Current Husband and I made it out to see Avenue Q.  It's kind of a shock that I got him out, musicals aren't really his thing, but when he found out I was chatting up the guy next to me at Mamma Mia, he decided to get some culture.  No matter that I was talking to the guy next to me and his husband, still, I was mixing it up at a musical.  CH's danger siren went off.

Avenue Q is pretty hysterical.  Some of it is a little bit "Hey, we're swearing!  Isn't that hilarious!" but other parts are priceless.  Here is my favorite song:

Because really, everyone IS a little bit racist.  The other one I really love is called "I Wish I Could Go Back To College", which honestly almost made me tear up, but really.  I do.  My life now is great, but there were moments in college that the fun just didn't seem like it could ever end.  *sigh*

So let's address the creepy factor here.  As evidenced in this video, there are times in the musical where two people run a puppet, and usually it's a spare woman.  You find yourself paying less attention to what is going on, and instead look at that chick and think, "Is she really necessary?  That guy couldn't run both puppet hands?  What a lazy jackass."  The spare puppeteer walks around a step behind the main puppeteer, trying to convey the puppet emotions without actually saying anything.  She ends up looking like a sign language interpreter who isn't really signing to anyone.  I was a little fascinated by her.  Does the rest of the cast exclude her from things because she isn't "really" a cast member?  Does she sit outside of the main puppeteer's dressing room and weep until it's time to go on?  Do the puppets get a better seat on the tour bus than she does?  These are questions I need answered in the Playbill.

CH was very excited about our seats, because they were in the balcony, and they were seats 1 and 2 in our row, which were the only two seats in that row.  He thought that made them more ideal.  When the show started, we figured out quickly that the audio wasn't very good, so we couldn't hear about 50% of what was said.  I already know the songs, so I know when to laugh, but CH just got more frustrated with the whole thing.  It necessitated another drink at intermission.

What did I learn?
  1. Everyone IS a little bit racist.
  2. The Internet is for porn.
  3. Naked puppets having sex can be just as graphic as real people having sex.
  4. I want to go back to college.  Just for a couple of weeks.  Or for a mulligan if I could end up with the same husband and children.
  5. I'm losing my hearing, along with mobility in my knees.
  6. Season tickets to musicals would make CH an alcoholic.
In sum, Avenue Q gets four furry paws up.
Happy Monday, Wifers!


Lani said...

I saw Avenue Q in NYC a few years back, and love it, too! Thanks for the reminder of a fun show.

GrandeMocha said...

No thanks, I was SO BROKE in college. I ate a lot of Taco Bell. OK so I still eat there once a week. Hubby hates musicals but my son loves them. It will be a while before he is old enough for Q. :(

SueWags said...

You're so much cooler than I am and obviously leave a life of excess because I only have listened to the songs on the computer, watching a few YouTubes...but I wondered the same thing. What in the world was that silent woman doing? What a lazy jackass puppeteer indeed!

BTW, on your first sentence, I was totally singing "Picture yourself sitting here in our living room, a couple new chairs, and green carpet too. Someone asks you, you answer quite slowly, no water, I like Mountain Dew."

And I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat wondering, but if I had to pick, I think "I need an academic adviser to point the way!" is my favorite line, but I love to yell "Or fuck my TA!" very loudly when I'm in the car alone. :)

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