Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clash of the Phitens

Let me preface this post by saying that it is really effing hot here, which is convenient because I had nothing left to bitch about.  When it is hot, I need to hydrate, and my hydration of choice is special German water:

Mmm.  Das ist Gut.

Actually, I have enjoyed two ice-cold glasses of this German delight and a large cock someone gave me for my birthday:

I was going to say something about this cock being very erect,
but I don't know most of you and am not sure how much you can take.
My mother, however, is laughing.

So anyway, it is hot, I've been drinking, and I've just made a major purchase.  Those of you with boys older than 8 may be familiar with the Phiten necklace.

The Phiten is a piece of rope that has a presumably toxic metallic dust in it that retailers sell to anyone who wants to appear to be an athlete, or is an actual paid endorsement athlete.  The faux athlete pays $30 to over $100 for the priviledge of wearing said piece of rope around their neck.

This is the Phiten necklace:

This is the Phiten philosophy:
At Phiten, we focus our energy to develop products that work for you. We got our start by trying to help a friend in need. Today, after extensive research and development, we are helping people enhance their quality of life all around the globe, building on our Phiten philosophy of health, energy and well-being.

Origin of our Name: Phiten

Based on the Greek letter PHI Φ and the exponent 10, we crafted a name which symbolizes our goal: maximizing the perfect balance found in the natural world.

Ahhh.  It's Greek.  Like the people who founded the Olympics!

This is the Phiten founder:

What the...?!? 
Long Duck Dong is a billionaire?

Oh come ON, that is not racist, he does look like the Donger.  You know, from Sixteen Candles!  He certainly does not look like Jake Ryan, and that is good because of my recent discovery that Jake Ryan encourages date rape.  The Donger does not.

This guy is laughing because he is RICH!  RICH, I tell you!  At an average of $40 a pop, every kid in little league baseball and 70% of the middle school population is wearing these things.  Oldest Daughter got one for Christmas, and The Son decided he needed one for baseball.  Oy.  I took him to Dick's Sporting Goods, which makes him laugh every time, and perused the Phiten display.  The Son wanted a 22", I selected a nice 18".  I explained to The Son that besides being $10 cheaper, and I am cheap, it would fit him better.  The Son disagreed.  We took one to the checkout area, and just as it was rung up, The Son changed his mind.

We went back to the Phiten display.   Upon further discussion, he selected a 22" that he liked.  We were going to be late to pick up Oldest Daughter, so okay okay okay, ring it up!  We set off the alarms going out of the store, to the stares of those walking in.

On the way to pick up OD, The Son put on his Phiten and started to worry.  "Is it too big?" he said, as it hung down mid-chest.  "I personally think 22" is too big, as I told you in the store," I said.   "But it's up to you."  By the time we picked OD up from cello, he was in a full blown panic.  He had made the wrong choice.  It was the wrong Phiten.  His life was irrevocably altered.  I picked up OD and turned to drive back to Dick's.  (hee hee)

We walked into Dick's, set off the alarms, walked back to the Phiten display, and let OD, the seasoned Middle Schooler who knows what is cool, select it.   We got the same cashier, who was now ringing us up for the third time and was no longer laughing at my jokes.  We walked out, set off the alarms one more time, and got in the car.  The Son had his Jock Jewelry, OD had her cool creed reaffirmed, and I was out $35 for some voodoo rope.  Long Duck Dong was laughing even harder as he counted his money.

The Son admitted I was right the first time about the placebo necklace.  Not that it is a .50 piece of rope with the word "Phiten" on it, but that it was too big.  He is going to wait until he is college and 'roided out before he can upgrade to the 22", and then he will say, "I am truly a man" as he snaps it shut. 

But next time his mommy picks something out for him?  He's not Phiten it.
(Oh yeah.  I went there.)


Kris said...

Those things are god awful expensive ... but oh so trendy!

Gotta love a blog with cock AND dick in it! :P

pegzhere said...

We are on Phiten overload! Had to have one for BDay, then being at the tender age where it is still plausible he believes in Santa Claus even though we all know he knows the jig is up (but he ain't talking), he suckered us into asking for a Phiten Tornado from the grand elf. Then he bought one with his own $ and now has an aunt with connections sending them to him just for fun. He is the freaking 9 yr old Imelda Marcos of Phitens. Quite frankly I would pay double the amount for the Donger to invent some trendy thing that is a "has to has to has to have" that will decrease the energy of the kid. I don't care what kind of metallic dust is in it as long as he isn't allergic to it. AND I'd pay double.

Oh and the petition regarding the banning of teaching of homosexual acts in school??? Love how the filters work for the banners below - adds a fun twist to reading the blog :)

COB said...

Hahahahahahhaha! Yeah, I think most of us can handle it! Hahahaha!

Julie, The Wife said...

I know! Sometimes I sort of scratch my head when I see some of those ads, but then I realize I haven't showered in a few days and that's why it itches. Whoreticulture Friday brings in a few fun ads.
OMG, I just looked down and the ad is for Fresh lip balm, which not 20 minutes ago I told a friend in San Fran to buy for me! I think the Internet is spying on me!

pegzhere said...

And now I need to know what Fresh lip balm is so I can add another to the drawer that I won't use. What is it?

Julie, The Wife said...

It's overpriced lip gloss. I'm pretty low maintenance, but I love how all of the Fresh stuff smells. The bar soaps are packaged really purdy, and lemon sugar smells. www.fresh.com

Anonymous said...

That's the most erect cock I've seen in a long time. For reals, yo.

Sigh. ;)

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