Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm One Degree from Neil (still six from Kevin Bacon)

Cracklin' Rosie get on board
We're gonna ride til there ain't no more to go
Takin' it slow
Lord don't you know
Have made me time with a poor man's lady

It's almost the end of the ride - the last day of Neil Diamond month! We made it! Cracklin' Rosie is one of my favorite Neil songs (even if she's a store bought woman who is a poor man's lady), because it's just a happy song, damn it. Rosie knows the way to make Neil happy. And if Neil ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

I have to share that through writing about Neil this month, a lovely gal from the 'hood in Nebraska (and fellow Twirp Queen, for those of you who know what that means!) came forward to tell me that she MET Neil!!! So I now have only ONE degree of separation from Neil Diamond! So eat THAT, J. K. Rowling! You may have seven published books in multiple printings and be adored all over the world while you sit in your Scottish castle and count your billions of Euros, but can you say you are only one degree from Neil?! Until I see the proof I won't believe it.

Facts about Neil I know that J. K. Rowling does not:
-He had a huge white drum set from Hot August Night that sat in my friend's basement
-He has a turtle-topped desk
-Hi ex-wife Marsha (who got the biggest divorce settlement in history at the time of their divorce for over $300 million) was burned at a concert in Las Vegas from a hair dryer and my friend's dad treated her
-His son Mikah had a trampoline in the backyard, which my friend jumped on with him
-Neil is a nail-biter

So take that, you Hermione-creating tramp! (I'm not sure where all of this pent-up J. K. Rowling anger is coming from today...I am going to blame it on the Dark Lord.)

Have a great last day of September! All together now, for Neil - sing it with me -

Play it now, play it now, play it now my baby!
Ba, ba ba ba ba! Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.....


Jennifer Brindley said...

Okay, okay, okay, WAIT!

I am Neil Diamonds like, biggest fan who happens to be under 28, EVER. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


...Lord dontcha know... I'm wiping a freakin' happiness tear right now. This made my morning.

And I love your blog header. And thank you for your comments on my blog.

That is all.

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Jennifer Brindley said...

re: your comment,

I'm sooo glad. You are awesome for liking Mr. Diamond as much as I do. And I'll tell ya something else. I tweeted your blog to him on Twitter. Maybe he'll stop by, who knows? ;)


~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Jenj said...

so I started singing Cracklin' Rosie and my 5 y.o. son says annoyed like "ok stop it"

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