Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello again.

In the words of the legendary poet Neil Diamond, "Hello, again, Hello."

I'm channeling Neil today as I begin to blog again, after a year or so off. For those of you who haven't seen "The Jazz Singer" from the 1980's starring Neil Diamond (as Jess Robin, aka Yussel Rabinovitch), I weep for you. You are, by definition, "Love on the Rocks." You should consider "Coming to America." Because what other classicly 80's film saw it's lead actor nominated for both a Golden Globe AND a Razzie? It's just that good, and that cheesy. Much like Squeezy Cheese on Chikin in a Biskit crackers. Oh yeah. THAT good.

So perhaps my time off from blogging is akin to the scene in "The Jazz Singer" when Jess's father, Cantor Rabinovitch (played deftly by Sir Lawrence Olivier) learns that Jess is a pop songwriter and perhaps won't take over as the family blogger when his father dies. His father comes to see Jess where he is living with his agent Molly (Lucie Arnaz) in California to get a record deal. Cantor Rabinovitch tells his son to come home and blog like he used to, and Jess says "No, I am busy drinking wine, being a songwriter and nailing my music agent." Distraught, Jess's father tears his clothing over his heart, and says, "Your blog is dead to me."

Okay, it didn't really happen that way in the film. But to honor Neil, and to kick off my blog again, I am wearing a peasant shirt of silver sequins open to my navel and very tight black pants, so get out your lighter and let's get ready to rock this blog in the coming year!


pollyanns said...

Lookin' forward to being priviledged with your whit and humor once again, Julie. I've been missing you!

Julie said...

Shucks, Polly Ann. You're making my head all swelly. Thanks for grabbing those plates, can't wait to see you!

Tommie said...

this just looks all so professional. i'm a little blown away. i forget just how flippin' savvy you are sometimes. thanks for this. i'm gonna love it. (i'm feeling a little bit julie and julia, by the way)

Mattie said...

haha ive had extremely similar dialoug with my mom :)

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