Sunday, September 12, 2010

Workin' for the Weekend

Loverboy once said that everybody's workin' for the weekend.  I must disagree, Loverboy.  Some of us are workin' ON the weekend.  This weekend, I had to work yesterday for three hours and today for eight hours, and it hurt.

 1. It hurt because I dropped an eight foot 
banquet table on my foot.  Any yes, 
I took off my nail polish and my toes 
are a little fugly.  Don't judge me.

2.  It hurt because I missed the cutest boy ever's 
football game, and don't think he won't 
remember this when he has to choose 
between his mom and girlfriend for
who gets the hug after his team 
wins the Orange Bowl.

3.  It hurts because George the Superpet 
already misses me during the day, 
and now I'm disappearing on the weekends too, 
and it's making him very needy, in that 
he kisses me all the time when I am 
actually around.  Poor George.  
More Snausage for George.

4.  It hurts in that my already crazy dead 
stuffed squirrel, Todd "Hot Nuts" Epstein, 
is so freaked out by my absence that 
he is now abusing pharmaceuticals.


5.  It hurts because I am really tired and zonked out on Benadryl and Taco Bell, because who cooks after working all weekend, and now I am posting a slightly lame-ass blog.  You deserve more, Gentle Readers!  You should unionize!  Talk amongst yourselves while I go to bed.

It's your last chance to sign up for the "Why Is She Even Bothering Bloggyversary Giveaway!"  My Attorney will be present Wednesday night when I draw the winner and the runner up, and there may be other unexpected surprises.  You need to comment to be entered.  Have a great Monday, and I'll see you Wednesday!


Logical Libby said...

Your toes look better than mine, and I did nothing this weekend.

Also, I totally want to kidnap that squrriel.

michelle said...

What's wrong with Todd's tail? In the Christmas photo to the left it looks well-groomed with a bit of a curl on the tip. Who is responsible for Todd's care while you are so busy now? CH, YD, OD... George?

Maxabella said...

Ouch, that foot!

The squirrel had me in stiches, though. Even when you're sore, you're sense of humour doesn't leave you! x

Mrs Woog said...

Please monitor Todd's intake. I've grown fond of the little fella and would hate for him to od.

Denise said...

I am REALLY sorry for your hurt foot but super jealous of Todd. I all of a sudden feel the need for a stuffed rodent to talk to when no one else seems to listen!

Anonymous said...

I never play the lottery or play sweepstakes but this is a contest I couldnt refuse. I just hope the surprise is something vulgar that I would never but for myself. Thay way if my hubby, cleaning lady, or mother-in-law find it I can say "no really I won this in a contest"

Anonymous said...

OK I realize that anonymous can't win a contest but I couldn't figure out how to post it with my name. It was me, Joanie. this counts as a second comment.

SueWags said...

Sorry Julie! Your son is adorable though and I am pretty sure he'll remember that you were at all of his hot baseball stuff this summer. And most everything else. Things happen! xoxo

GrandeMocha said...

I'm definitely workin' for the weekend! At 9:28 on Tuesday. Sad but true. Hope your foot is better.

Tonya said...

Coincidence....we just got my kids a Karaoke machine and it has only one CD - a mixof 80's tunes. Their FAVE song to rock out to is "Workin' for the Weekend"!!!!!!!! rock on babes

Farmers Wifey said...

Todd has the drugs but you have the great feet!!

Tigerrlyli said...

Working on the weekend sucks!

I just found your blog a week ago but I laugh every time I read it. Thanks for the daily dose of humor. Hopefully next weekend won't be so bad.

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