Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Case of the Disappearing Graphics

So yesterday, I pull up the blog, and ...Hey....where is my banner?  My signature and coffee cup were also missing.  I clicked on the icon for the person who designed my stuff, and it says "No longer exists". 

(What would Nancy Drew do?)

I'm going to tell you what Nancy would do. She would put on her sensible pumps and march right over to the web designer's house and rap on the door and tell the housekeeper that she would like to call on said designer, and then politely but firmly inquire as to the whereabouts of her graphics.  She would have some tea, check her slim gold watch her father, locally prominent attorney Carson Drew, gave her, and move on to her next appointment, which happens to be a date with Ned, where she would dance and flirt with him all night and then send him home with balls bluer than Nancy's cerulean eyes.  Problem solved.

However, this is 2011, so I put on my sturdy but practical Dansko clogs and used my paid time at work to investigate my personal issues online.  I probably contracted a virus for my company's server, and minimized my screen anytime anyone walked by my cubicle.  I checked my cell phone for the time, blogged about my problem, and then am going home to cook and bitch at Current Husband about how my graphics have disappeared on the blog and send him to bed with balls bluer than Nancy's cerulean eyes.

It's weird, but I actually saved this post and did some actual work at my hooker job, and when I came back, my "A Day In The Wife" graphics were back after being gone for a day.  Now I'm back to suspecting Blogger for the problems.  Or caged zoo monkeys.  You can always count on those fuckers to mess with you.

Since this is a lame post lamenting something that has already been solved, I'd like to direct you to another blog with something funny to say, because I'm a marketing genius.  "Hey, MY blog isn't funny today, let me send you somewhere else!!" Do you see that, McDonalds?  Hire me to do your marketing and Burger King's sales will go up by 10%.  No wonder nobody is picking up rug hooking right now.  But?  This blog post made me laugh today,and the author is really brave, because I would be terrified that the other mothers would find out I blogged about it.  Some of the moms at YD's school eat other moms for brunch for lesser transgressions than this, trust me.  I'm missing three fingers and a kidney.  Enjoy!



Rhonda said...

that happened to me the other day...no graphics, just the posts in the center of the page. it was totally weird. and that blog post is hilarious!

Lisa @ akawest said...

You will ALWAYS be funny.

chasing empty pavements said...

JULIE I freaking love you. Your posts are the best.

Julie the Wife said...

You people. You've made me so egotistical that I made someone else clean up the GD Dog vomit tonight.

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