Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random McRandomstein

It's almost 11 p.m. and I have to get up at 6:30 a.m. for that whole work/school dance routine I do every day, but I want to check in and say that I am now presumably sterile.  I hope.  I did go in to the doctor's' office and I did take a Xanax or two, and let me just tell you that Current Husband had to talk me off the ledge to get in there because I was having my period, EARLY AGAIN, and thought it was going to blow the whole deal, and CH took away my handgun and hung up on the police and walked me to the car.  The acutal procedure hurt a bit more than I thought it would (somewhere between bad menstrual cramp and early labor contraction) and the doctor had to really shove that speculum around because, as I later found out, my fallopean tubes are positioned particularly high.  Huh.  So I came home really doped up and tried to talk to our contractor in the basement and CH came after me much like one might search for a missing dementia patient the the home.  He apologized for me and led me back upstairs to bed, where I fell asleep for five hours until the kids came home from school.  All is well and I am avoiding the contractor.

There was no pillow fight, and nothing in my house is white, and my uterus is still disappointingly music-free.

That said, I have a bunch of random thoughts to get out:

  1. Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover has been leaked.  People still care about LiLo?  And haven't we all seen her naked already?
  2. I had to pay $170 for dance recital costumes for a recital in May 2012.  While it is troubling to write a check that large in holiday shopping season for what is probably 3 costumes out of the "Shades of Skanky" catalog, it is making me feel like I'm prepared for SOMETHING in 2012.
  3. Just when I think I'm done with Christmas shopping, I remember that I'm So. Not. Done.
  4. I took a half day off work today to have an Irish Coffee with another mom just before school got out, and it was lovely.  Sometimes it feels good to be bad. 
That is all for now, Wifers.  I hope you are all enjoying a terrific holiday season!


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