Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'd Post, But I'm Watching the Oscars

So we got home from Disney, and then I was in charge of my elementary school's Variety Show with a bunch of other parents and we had dress rehearsal Thursday night for four hours and then the show on Friday night for four hours and then Oldest Daughter had her Turnabout Dance on Saturday night with her handsome yet sweet beau:

Oh my gosh, these kids are so sweet I could sop them up with a biscuit.

Let me tell you something I really love and appreciate about Oldest Daughter - she isn't afraid to be wacky.  Clearly this is something I hold dear in my offspring.  So when I say, "Do a crazy pose!" and she immediately does this:

I mean, seriously people, I'm so proud.

After the dance all the kids came over to our house to watch movies and they were here until 1 a.m. and today I have just been an absolute sloth.  Girl Scout cookies are here, and there were thousands of calories to be consumed, and the Oscars are on!  So I have failed you.  I'm assuming my Mom and the six people who read the blog are watching the Oscars as well, so really, there are no losers in this scenario.

So quickly, on the Oscars:
  1. Was I the only one who thought Jennifer Lopez's boob was falling out?  I SWEAR there was nipple.
  2. Loved Cirque de Soileil.  It was pretty awesome.
  3. Chris Rock was hilarious.
  4. I'm a little over Hugo.
  5. Christian Bale is going to punch Billy Crystal at the Vanity Fair parties.
  6. And then Jonah Hill will shove a cupcake in his face.
  7. I love Meryl Streep, but Glenn Close has NEVER. WON.  That is just not right.
  8. I hope The Help wins Best Picture.  But I loved Midnight in Paris too, but I just can't seem to get over Woody Allen sleeping with his adopted daughter.  Okay, The Artist just won.  I guess I'm going to have to see it.
I'm pretty excited to see the Jimmy Kimmel after Oscars show, and then I shall sleep.  See you later this week!


pegzhere said...

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Meh
4. No
5, yes
6. No he need to give it to Angelina
7. Yes
8.Not that great - def. not better than the Help or Huo. Agree on Woody Alen. Also think they should rescind award if recipient isn't there. Except for the other child molester guy that lives insweden now yet Hollyood still adores.

pegzhere said...

I totally tried to fix all the typos and bad autocorrects but this won't let me make changes - even when it says edit.

Peruby said...

There was definitely areola showing on Lopez. Shame on her.

Yes, Christian Bale will punch Crystal. And deservedly so.

I did not make it til the end. I hate all Woody films. Always have always will. Not because of the step daughter thing - that makes it even creepier, yet - but I hated them before that.

So tired of Meryl.

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