Monday, February 20, 2012

Retraction on Chip and Dale

Hello Wifers!

I'm back from sunny Florida, in one piece, slightly bronzer, with shin splints and memories of YD puking in the airport, but I have been converted from a Disney cynic to a drinker of the Disney Kool-Aid.  You got me, Walt.

I'll be boring you with the report of our trip in later posts, but for now, I have one important retraction to make - I made fun of Chip and Dale in an earlier post, calling them "second rate" characters.  When I was in Disney, I heard a number of Cast Members telling guests that "there are over 1200 characters at Disney World, and all of them are important!"  A Cast Member can tell me that and I'll sort of roll my eyes and mutter, "whatever, get me first tier princess and a vodka tonic", but when I see THIS:

(This adorable girl is the property of Pat, ADITW reader)

I have to say "Bring me the chipmunks and one of those kick-ass hats!  (And the vodka tonic.)  And for the love of God, someone buy that darling girl a pony!"  So flippin' cute, no?  And that is where Disney gets you.  Happy faces.  You can have shin splints and lower back pain and be sweating like a hog and eat the worst $35 Beef Tips EVER in a fake Norwegian castle, but once that little (or teenager-ey) face looks at you with their eyes all lit up and their smile from ear to ear, they've got you.  I never really had a burning desire to go to Disney, but now that I've been there, I'm sure we'll go back.  And I already have the first 20 of the 150,000 cans we'll need to collect to do it.


Pat said...

Put ur can money toward coldplay b4 u go back to Disney! WHERE r ur priorities!

Pat said...

And invoice for pony in the mail. Terms net 30 please

Julie said...

I TOLD you, I tried to buy the Coldplay tix and CH had kittens and wouldn't let me. Then I took my beatin' and made him a chicken pot pie and opened his beer.

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