Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If There's A Will.....

As part of my ongoing "Drive 100,000 Miles In My Own City" program, I picked Youngest Daughter up from a friend's house the other day to get her home and take Oldest Daughter to her next destination.  As I was driving down the street, an old Cadillac pulled out in front of me, and proceeded to drive about 10 mph. 

I don't want to tailgate.  I really don't.  But DAMN IT ALL if I don't have a schedule to keep, and if we are all following the speed limit it will make things so much easier.  I'm getting frustrated with the Caddy when they drift left into an imaginary turn lane in the middle of the two lane street.  Yay!  They are turning left!  OH SHIT!  BOO!!!  They are actually turning right into a driveway by swinging their big ass Caddy into the middle of the street first, with NO EFFING TURN SIGNAL, and right in front of me!  I hit the brakes, all was well.

YD:  "Mom, did you almost hit that car?"
ME:  "Yes.  And this is why when you drive you should ALWAYS use your turn signals!"

YD:  "I'm glad you didn't hit that car."
ME:  "Me too!"
YD:  (contemplative) "I mean, I don't even have a will, and I have $28 and a
        bunch of dolls that I will need to leave to people."
ME:  (shocked) "Did you say a will?"
YD:  "Yeah.  Those things that tell people when you die who gets what."
ME:  "Maybe you should write it down and get it notarized."
YD:  "What's notarized?"
ME:  "It's when someone has been trained by the government to know how to decide if a document has really been signed by the person who is listed as signing it.  And you have witnesses too, like some of your friends who can verify that you said what you did."
YD:  "I'm not sure which friends I would have sign it..."
ME:  "You'll want to be careful about that, because if they find out they're getting your Lalaloopsy dolls they might push you in front of a car."
YD:  "You know, I'm too young to be worrying about these things."
ME:  "Agreed."

I wonder who is getting the $28....


Maria said...

For what it's worth, I'm a notary.

Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

If she's like my kids she already spent that $28 this morning.

GrandeMocha said...

Snort, "if they find out they're getting your Lalaloopsy dolls they might push you in front of a car." Made me laugh!

Mom of AOCG said...

She's going to be a lawyer. It's time to come to terms with it. I recommend Creighton Law.

Julie, The Wife said...

@Maria, you don't want our family to know about certifications. It's like we find out you're a lottery winner and we just hang around waiting to see how it will benefit us.

@Carolyn I'm sure the $28 no longer exists. But if it does, it's mine.

@Grande, they WILL!

@Mom of AOCG Hmm. School in Nebraska. Will she get season tix to basketball? I'm in!

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