Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing Tag

Okay, quick diversion. My crazy Canadian friend at The Insatiable Host (Chick Norris) was blog-tagged by her Aussie friend at Whoa Mumma, and she tagged me, and I am It. As this is now International Tag, I must participate, or Interpol may get involved. So here goes:

10 Things that make Me Happy

1. Laughing

2. My funny kids

3. Writing and reading books

4. Secret dates to movies and dinner with CH

5. Downtown Iowa City

6. Traveling, which I do almost none of

7. Coffee Houses (i.e. Fuel, Java House, Starbucks, Dewey's)

8. My amazingly cool crazy chicas. I have a small posse in the towns we've lived in (a Ho in every port), some college friends, my book club and QC gals, and my whackadoodle spectacular high school girls (Rally!), whom I miss all the time.

9. Being creative. I love trying out new things and seeing if I can do it. Sometimes my projects turn out cool (vintage china mosaic, upholstery), and sometimes I am a spectacular failure (knit poncho)!

10. Music. I have it playing all the time, and I love Yo Yo Ma to Beatles to Jay-Z and everything in between. Love it when that perfect song comes on.

I'm supposed to tag other sites to pass it on, but I want to know what makes YOU happy. Post your top 10 (or 5 if you don't have much time) things that make you glad all over. Of course you are welcome to be lewd, sarcastic, or bipolar, if that is what makes you happy.

Happy New Year! I'll be back for Whoreticulture Friday!

UPDATE: Over 50 people have looked at this blog today, and not ONE of you people has posted things that make you happy. All you do is hit the "Comments" button. Your lack of posting makes you either:
A) Incredibly unhappy
B) Painfully shy
C) Unable to follow directions

Do I ever ask anything of you, gentle reader? No. So post what makes you happy, or so help me I will come over there and give you something to be sad about. And take away your iPod and cell phone for a week. Don't eff with me, missy/mister!


Anita said...

Tons of people lurk on my blog and never post either. But you know me...always having something to say...in no particular order...

1) A positive balance in my checking account
2) Whipped cream- on pudding, coffee, really anything..(knock it off, gutter mind)
3) Sun on my face
4) Digging in my garden
5) Being in Paris
6) Laughing with my sister
7) Seeing my girls having fun
8) the way Ross takes care of me and the girls
9) Merlot
10)a good book...

Tricia said...

Cornflakes make me happy and my 20 oz coffee I have EVERY morning. BTW I think posting a comment is difficult for some because none of the "Comment as" choices seem to apply . . .

The Insatiable Host said...

1. chick norris
2. a day in the wife
3. this post
4. not listening to what i am told
5. drinking
6. binge drinking
7. your crazy kids
8. my crazy kids
9. stories of laura ingles
10. 2009 is almost over!!!

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