Monday, October 11, 2010

The Confession Stand

Have I mentioned that Youngest Daughter is adorable, and yet, calculated?

Every Sunday, The Son has a football game.  Youngest Daughter has been excited for every game, and at first I thought, "How cute.  She is supporting her brother!" About 20 minutes into the first game, I realized that this was another instance of it really being all about her.  Here are the reasons YD supports Rising Knights football:
  1. It is outdoors with a playset.
  2. A number of her small friends are there as well.
  3. They sell candy.
YD is a total crack addict, but for sugar.  We are constantly monitoring her sugar intake, but she somehow gets through our radar.  This is because, since the day she was born, YD has worked the Baby of the Family system.  If Mom says no, go to Dad.  If Dad says no, go to Oldest Daughter.  OD says no, go to The Son.  If he says no, try the neighbors.  Someone always has a treat they are willing to give someone adorable!

A perfect example of this is playdates.  During the time our house has been on the market, YD has begged for playdates, only to have me say no because when she has little friends over, the house inevitably fills up with 10,000 Littlest Pet Shop animals.  Then, when we were moving, I packed up most of her toys so I could seamlessly move her 10,000 Littlest Pet Shop animals.  Now that we are in the new house, her room is a little smaller, and we are trying to figure out WHERE to put 10,000 Littlest Pet Shop animals, along with six American Girls Dolls and their period-appropriate wardrobes, 5,000 Polly Pocket items, 15,000 Puppy/Kitty/Pony in my Pocket items, and a library of books.  There currently isn't space in her room for a playdate.  So what does YD do?  She starts telling other mothers the following:  "Mrs. X, I would LOVE to come over to play at your house, but you have to call my mom and ask me over."

You see the thought process.  YD is what they call a "self-starter" in the working world.

SO, we are at the games, and YD is playing with friends, and she inevitably approaches us for money.

"Can I go to the Confession Stand?"  YD asks.

Oh, how I love this.  First, we are at a Catholic high school, so the thought of getting nachos and absolution at the same time is pretty awesome and appropro.  Second, I love the concept of confessing one's love for junk food.

"Forgive me, Booster, for I have sinned.  I would like a pack of peanut M&Ms, a Ring Pop, nachos, and a Dr. Pepper.  I confess, I am a junk food junkie."

Booster:  "You are forgiven, my child.  Take your food and do five Hail Marys.  That will be $3.50."

YD takes her money, and insists on spending every nickel.  She will get a dollar, buy herself a Ring Pop and an Airhead, and then ask the Confession Stand people how much money is left.  Then, she finds other kids who aren't sporting Ring Pops and buys candy until she is broke.  It's a lovely concept, but I've had to talk with her about food allergies, kids who can't have sugar, and asking parents' permission.  What is YD's response to so much lecturing?

"Mom, I'm learning about counting money at school, and I'm sharing."

Oooh, the double defense of education and cooperation.  I confess, she has me stumped.

Happy Monday, have a nice week!


Three Owls said...

oh the youngest one... I have one of those... ridiculously adorable, and completely aware of the fact, and also very aware that being smaller and cuter is a huge advantage... and it doesn't hurt to have dimples and red hair... not being the center of the universe is a completely abstract concept in her world.

ps. I am convinced that the littlest pet shops have figured out how to breed...

GrandeMocha said...

Snacks with confession, hmm, that is an excellant idea.

YD has the makings of a great litigator!

International Woman of Mystery said...

"Confession stand" hilarius. Did you correct her? YD sounds like a lot of fun. It does seem like she is developing great skills though that will help her when she's older!

Queen of the Rant said...

LMFAO to cute confession stand

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