Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is it Saturday? No?

Went to the Neon Trees concert last night with CH, OD, and the Son, and some friends of ours. It was fun, and Mommy had three Blue Moons on a work night, so today is a little rough, because Mommy can't hold her Belgian beer like she used to.

SO, we had a mini-altercation with a barstool-hoarding wench, our thirteen-year-old daughters moved into the mosh pit viewing area, and we met the guitarist for Neon Trees and he was awesome. I have pictures (one of the wench, too!)I will post tonight.

Happy Hump Day!


Katie said...

So glad the guitarist was awesome!
I hate when they turn out not to be...
Sounds like a good time!

Lisa @ akawest said...

Try the Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale. That way you can pretend you are drinking for the vitamin A, which most likely doesn't exist, but one never knows.

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