Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bragging Mom Alert

So I've mentioned the Variety Show last Friday at our elementary school.  The Son lives for the Variety Show - he just loves it.  This is funny because I don't consider him a particularly showy kid.  He isn't the class clown or the ham, and while he isn't shy AT ALL, he isn't a Look At Me kid - until the Variety Show comes around.  A couple of years ago he told Current Husband and me that he wanted to do the dance from Napoleon Dynamite at the Variety Show, and I balked.  I thought, "someone is going to want to kick his ass."  And don't we all want to avoid having someone want to kick our kids' asses?

But CH, of all people, convinced me that it would be okay for him to do the dance.  It's just a grade school Variety Show, big deal, right?  Still, I worried.  I've posted this here before, but here it is again, because I am annoying like that:

And it was pretty cute.  Last year, he did the McDonalds Fast Food Freestyle from You Tube, which was cute, but not quite the same.

This year, he decided to do The Evolution of Dance from You Tube, and I have to say, I think he kind of nailed it.  The show is supposed to have acts limited to 3 minutes, and The Evolution of Dance is about 9 minutes, so we cut him off around 4 minutes.  You can't really tell because the stage lights are so bright, but he is wearing an Orange Crush t-shirt just like Judson Laipply.

The screaming is coming from a pack of 5th grade girls, but if you think they are screaming loud for him, you should have heard them screaming for the boy who sang "Love Me" by Justin Beiber before him. Back off, ladies, this one is mine for a little while longer.

His moves come from his father - I have no skills, but the baby Daddy can breakdance, even though he'll deny it. It's why I married him. (CH, you know it's true.)

Hope you are all having a great week - I'll report over the weekend on the Hooker Convention I'm attending this weekend, called a "Hook In". So THAT'S what they're calling it these days.


Peruby said...

That was righteous! What a lot of work he must have done and it shows. I wish it wasn't cut off. He looks like he had a lot of fun.

GrandeMocha said...

That was AWESOME!!! I showed it my son. We watched your son, then the Judson Laipply verson. Loved it.

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