Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowpocalypse Now!

Snowpocalypse Now!



TIME: 10:20 p.m. CST

Time to lay off the Blizzard Boozing, I think I'll still have to work tomorrow, which effing SUCKS.  I mean really, I'm not a brain surgeon, no one will die tomorrow if I'm not available to write ad copy or make a brochure for rug hooking equipment, or talk to hookers on the phone.  If UPS can't make it to your building, perhaps you shouldn't either.

Uh oh.
I had to pull the bottle of Cab from bottom.  
Wine is down to dangerously low levels.

In light of the impending wine disaster, I decided to send out for reinforcements. I picked my best retrieving resource.

WTF, George the Superpet?
You have failed me.
No Snausage for you!

I have to say that so far the snow here is a little disappointing.  When you've been sold on 18-20 inches all day, and you've only hit half that level, it feels like maybe the storm isn't trying hard enough.  Really, snow?  That's all you've got? 

Our piano teacher, the very one who gnaws on blocks of Sharp Cheddar during the kids' lessons, called tonight during the blizzard to tell me that lessons tomorrow night ARE still on, and that she's sure it will taper off at midnight and be FINE, so be sure to drive to HER HOUSE in the aftermath of the storm, there will be NO MAKE-UP LESSONS, and don't forget to bring your check tomorrow night to the lesson you WILL. NOT. MISS. *gulp*

Just went to tuck in The Son.  He is in his bunk with binoculars, and told me the people across the street watch a lot of South Park and Fox News.  I asked him to get this data in a spreadsheet, and I'd like reports on the other neighbors as well.  What else are you going to do in a blizzard?  Oh.  Right.  Make babies.  Um, put the binoculars down, Son.

Goodnight, Wifers.


Miss Yvonne said...

The great thing about living in Texas? When we get one inch of ice, the whole city shuts down for days because we have no plows down here to clear the roads. I could probably walk to work faster than I could drive it at this point.

Raquel's World said...

Well, how refreshing! Everyone is complaining about the snow. I love the snow! So thanks for that fresh perspective and letting me feel not so alone.

Love the data spread sheet for the neighbors, good plan. Not sure if you read my blog but there have been accusations of crack dealers and electricity stealers in my neighborhood so I should get a data sheet going as well.

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