Monday, January 25, 2010

A Sweet Little Treat for Moi.

Danon, my favoritest, craziest slice of Canadian Bacon Blogger over at Insatiable Host, hit the sauce again and nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger award.  Just kidding about the sauce (although she might have been), you are sweet as pie.  Thank you very much.  The deal is that I have to share 7 things that you don't already know and I get to award 7 other fantastically wonderful amazing bloggers out there, who are supposed to do the 7&7 as well (the award game, not the drink).  I have two challenges here - share 7 things you don't already know - um, when a blog is as narcissistic as mine, what don't you know?  "Oh, I have a third nipple...wait, you already know that..." And share with 7 bloggers - I see (dead people) things like this on so many of your blogs already, and so many of the blogs I follow don't really have a way to do this, so I'm going to nominate a few people for fun.

FIRST - Seven things you don't know
  1. I was baptized a Mennonite.  Confirmed a Methodist.  And married a Catholic.
  2. My mother named me after her pet cow's calf.  No sh*t.  It's name was Christine, my middle name. She would ride her cow to do her paper route.  Or steal her dad's tractor.  That explains a lot.
  3. I was a finalist in State Speech in high school four years in a row.  Can I get a whoop-whoop for Speech Geeks!
  4. I won a Master Columnist Award from the Iowa Newspaper Association about 8 years ago - and couldn't go because my kids were sick.  I found out the next morning in the Des Moines Register that I won. I'm still bitter.
  5. I get completely OCD about certain topics.  Beatles, Jane Austen, Kennedys, British Royalty, First Ladies, U2, Twilight, Late Sixties/Early Seventies Cultish Murder things (i.e. Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Patty Hearst, various serial killers) etc.  Ask me a question.  Go ahead.  Make my day.
  6. I grew up in Nebraska and would CUT YOU if you insulted the Cornhusker Football Team.  But I've gotten better about that with age.
  7. I make really, really good soup.  Wisconsin Cheese, Chicken Tortilla, Chili, White Chili, Homemade Chicken Noodle, Beef Stew, Potato Bacon, Cauliflower Veggie Cheese, Ham and Bean.  With homemade bread.  Yum.  (See "Weekend Food" in tomorrow's blog.)
Now, who are some Beautiful Bloggers who aren't already inundated with awards this week?  Hmmm.  In alphabetical order:
  1.  Anissa at Anissa Off the Record.  Who is a great writer even when she has writer's block.  You're money, baby, and you don't even know it.
  2. Anita at Homestory.  Love all of the work you've put into that house, and the fun stories you put with it. You are a brave, brave woman.
  3. Christy at Maintaining Mediocre, for calling Martha Stewart a frigid bitch without provocation.
  4. Polly at PollyAnn's, because you are lovely as pink paint with polka dots.
  5. Barb at Simply Iowa for being a display goddess and vintage queen.
  6. Suzie at Susan Hargus, not because I think she will even see this list or do it, but because I think y'all should see her amazing paintings on her blog.  She is really staggeringly talented.  This woman did The Girl With The Pearl Earring.  In chalk.  On a City Street.  Around 6 feet long.  And it looked like it was on canvas.  Whoa.
  7. Lani, at Trio of Trouble, her dog blog.  Because she has cute dogs, a Brit for a hubby and The Child is adorable and knows a LOT about worms and recycling and PBS and Wii.  And she was the first one to send a question to Todd "Hot Nuts" Epstein for his Taxidermied Squirrel Advice Blog, starting Feb. 1.
Thanks for indulging me yet again.  Part Two of the Sixth Food Pyramid comes tomorrow.

RESOLUTION #10b:  Stop boring readers with even more trivia about me.


The Insatiable Host said...


I like Canadian Bacon and I wasn't on the sauce; however, I like-a-the-sauce! The sauce-it-a-tastes goood!

you are wonderful! thank you for everything and I really love love love Todd Hot Nuts Epstein. Maybe him and Judith "Ilda" Light could be friends???

Anissa said...

You are such a sweetie! I'm super slow getting around these days. New puppy and all. But thank you. :)

And dude! I need Wisconsin cheese soup! That sound fabulous.

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