Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

If the blog still played music (curse you, virus-infected!) it would be playing Loverboy's "Everybody's Workin' For the Weekend".  (Remember the cover of that album, with the red leather pants ass shot and the crossed fingers??  So risque in the '80s.  Like David Lee Roth's ass-less pants, which teens looked upon with glee as their parents were shocked, but now look so silly.  And then the Red Hot Chili Peppers went to tube socks on their peckers and made DLR look like a grandpa.)

Where were we?  Who am I?  I can't tell if this is ADHD or early onset Alzheimers, so stick with me.  I blame the Nyquil.  Weekends.  Yes.

SO my job is fine but I'm going through what appears to be a long-term case of wanting to be home full-time again, so I find myself doing the whole Counting Down the Week thing.  I actually say "It's Hump-Day" in my head, dread Mondays, and love Fridays.  I've become a cliche.  Or a Dilbert cartoon. 

On Thursday night, I started getting sick.  I wouldn't take Friday off because I don't want to lose the vacation time.  By Saturday morning, it was a full-blown sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever and I couldn't rest day.  This has been my best friend all weekend:

...and it's cousin, the cherry-flavored Nyquil.  And Cold-Eeze lozenges with zinc.  And lotion-coated Kleenex.  For once, Diet Coke doesn't taste right, and THAT is what tells you I'm sick, my friends.

I don't get sick often, because I can't.  When I get sick, everything falls apart.  No one eats, everyone's plans are thrown out of whack, the house goes to shit, the dog isn't let out, etc.  It's chaotic.  This time, Current Husband ran everything - kids all over town, meals, dog, cleaning, and he even created a utility closet for extra storage.  On one hand I was relieved.  On the other hand, I was a little disappointed.  Don't they need me?  Aren't I the glue that holds this family together?  This is just a waste of a well-cultivated Martyr Complex.  Damn them and their self-sufficiency.  I took to my bed in disgust.

In order to give me some quiet time while sick, CH took Youngest Daughter and a friend to see The Muppets today.  Upon arrival at the theater, he bought them all popcorn, and promptly got nauseous.  Youngest Daughter ran from the theater with her hand clapped over her mouth to the bathroom.  CH saw a kid in the lobby with his back against the wall, dry-heaving and then finally throwing up, proving that it's truly not easy being green.

So my precious, precious weekend was wasted on a nasty cold, but at least I'm not bitter.  The Nyquil is kicking in, so I'm off to bed.  Hope you all had a great weekend, and a lovely Monday.  My tip to start your week is to stay away from the popcorn. 


GrandeMocha said...

Are you at home sick with a sick kid? That's hell. Feel better soon!

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