Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Orange You Glad Your Walls Are White?

See all of the junk piled up on the left?  That's my next project.  There is a reason for the butt-ass ugly chair to the left as well - that is George the Superpet's chair.  You do NOT mess with George's chair.  I reliquished that to him years ago.  He likes to lay in it and look out the patio door next to it and stare at the feral cats and dream about killing them.  I won't take that away from him.

So very orange.  Just as orange as some of the paint on my Dad's tin ferris wheel.  Yay!  We live in the Fun House!  Now I just need a creepy clown painting on velvet.  Tempting.

You can see the trim I need to paint white now.  I can't take it that there are two different tones.   I think I'm also going to have to build a white mantel/fireplace surround for this room.  CH doesn't really agree, but I know what's coming. It will be something I do when I have other, more important things to get done, and then I will panic and cry because "There just isn't enough time!"  But no.  Not this year.  This is the Shake It Out/Paint it Orange year.  I shall make a margarita and say "C'est La Vie!"



Rhonda said...

It doesn't look that orange to me...our walls are beige. All of them. But I hate painting so I'm leaving it....forever.

Julie, The Wife said...

Trust me, Rhonda. My camera cannot capture the orangey-ness. But I'm a fan.

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