Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever

With all of the feral cats running around my neighborhood, it's important to occasionally think about things from a cat's perspective.  I use this as a defensive measure, so if I'm getting into my car and cats are dropping out of the trees and walking menacingly toward me (this actually happens sometimes), I can think, "If I was a cat right now, what would my intentions be?"  But then I realize that regardless of what animal form I take, I'm probably going to think "If I sneak into that van, will she drive me to a wine bar or a coffee shop?"  You know cats will be thinking the same thing, because cats are assholes.

At work, the gent in charge of the company website appears to have a thing for cats.  He updates our home page daily, and seems to have an ENDLESS treasure trove of cutesy cat photos to post.  When I think "industrial plant primarily producing trucking alignment equipment", I think "CATS!"  Here is today's cat porn:

I'm sure the guy in our plant who was fired and then a week later killed his girlfriend was really touched by this photo (true story).  It is posted directly under our company policy banning weapons and drugs on the premesis.

Today, I saw this online, and sent it to CatMan in charge of the website:

I love it.  Particularly that Kenau Reeves is the poster boy for humanity.  Party On, Dudes!

I'm back at work after four days off, and I'm not going to lie, I'm being fueled by coffee, Diet Coke and Danish Butter Cookies.  Hope your week is starting equally as well!


Rhonda said...

I'm totally asking my cat to show me the cat internet with the LOLHumanz website.

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