Sunday, August 8, 2010

Author Stalker - The Sequel

Those of you who have been reading A Day In The Wife for any amount of time know that I have been actively stalking Jen Lancaster, NY Times bestselling author (My Fair Lazy, still on sale, order now!)Terms of the restraining order forbid me from going into great detail, but for those unfamiliar with my obsession, here is a quick refresher course:

 Me, bracing myself so as to not fall over on Jen.
Curse you, RL Restaurant bartenders.  Curse you.
She looks lovely, I look like Jeffrey Dahmer.

There are 13 blog posts with a Jen tag, but here are the two refresher courses revealing the embarrassing depths of my Jen addition:

And the coup de grace, my unintentionally drunken meeting with Jen in May:
Fletch, I'm so sorry.  
But glad to see you are wearing a belt, Baldwin.

But I have some good news!  Jen's friends are TOTALLY available for stalking!  Stacey has been featured in Jen's books, and Jen dedicated "My Fair Lazy" to Stacey.  She sounds like a lot of fun, and I would absolutely buy her a very nice bottle of wine and some theater tickets if the opportunity presents itself when I get paroled from the whole "Meeting Jen in May Incident".  Hello, Stacey Ballis!  Welcome to the Author Stalker archives!

Meet Stacey.  
She's on the right with the fabulous necklace, 
which I will gladly take in lieu of a cease and desist order.

Stacey has written a number of books, including:
NONE of which I could get at Borders when I went there today, so I'm going back to to purchase.  I've linked the titles to their amazon pages.  But her big news is that she has a new book coming out next month, and it sounds fantastic!  

 "Good Enough To Eat" - go on, read the blurb.  
I've ordered it, and can't wait to read it!

SO.  Stacey made the mistake of opening up a contest to drive pre-sale orders of her book.  The contest is lunch with her and Jen.  Oh Holy Mother.  Are you kidding me?  I know some of you other Jen-lovers will want to do the contest, so here is the link to Stacey's blog so you can get the deets:  The Polymath Chronicles   The idea is that you try to get the most entries in the contest, and presumably someone will have their name drawn at the end.  Would I love to be that person?  You are damn skippy I would.  And here's the thing.  OF COURSE I love Jen.  OF COURSE I would love to have lunch with Jen.  But this Stacey is sort of intriguing, and I've met Jen.  I'm it for Stacey, and this new book looks terrific.  (And I am not to go within 100 yards of Jen, so that might complicate seating in the restaurant, but we can work around it I'm sure.)

I've made no secret that I'm hoping to get published someday, and the two of them would be so interesting to talk with about the publishing industry, book tours, and their writing process (here's mine - think about writing, get coffee, eat some cake, write a few sentences, think about ice cream, write a bit more, make dinner, chase children and give Current Husband menacing looks, have glass of wine, surf internet, blog, sigh, bed. The curtain has been lifted - Oz is a little man and The Wife is a procrastinator.)  More likely, we would talk about the completely amazing food we are eating, how delicious the wine tastes, how we hope there are cupcakes for dessert, and who will win on Project Runway.  TANGENT ALERT:  Did anyone else shift in their seats and have to look away when Nicholas cried last week?  He looked like a toddler whose playdate just ended - "I have to go home now!"  Oy.  And let me say for the record that I liked McKell.

Here is what I ask of you, gentle readers.  If you would like to win, by all means, enter!  If not, and you decide to pre-order Stacey's book, e-mail your order confirmation to me at and I can send it to Stacey and it will count toward my total.  Also, I will be posting links on Facebook, and if I get 20 people to "like" the post, it counts as an entry.  You know if I win, I will take loads of inappropriate photos, including my mug shot and food porn photos of what we ate, because we would be eating at The Lincoln Cafe in Mount Vernon, Iowa, TRULY THE BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY, I kid you not, and blog about the whole thing.  So go on, and pre-order her book!  At the very least, writer chicks need to stick together.

I've ordered three copies, and my one year blog anniversary is coming in September, so I will do a Happy Frackin' Bloggy Birthday to The Wife Giveaway next month, and a copy of Good Enough to Eat will be included.  Along with autographed photos of Todd the Squirrel and George the Superpet and a virtual plethora of other items.  Why?  Because I love you.  But for now, let's focus on my lunch with Stacey and Jen.

And?  If one of you wins, I would like the necklace Stacey is wearing in the picture above.  Thank you.

GEEKING OUT MOMENT - Shortly after I posted this, Stacey Ballis herself posted the first comment!  As they would say on Battlestar Galactica, Get the Frack Out!   Sigh.  I love the blogosphere.


Stacey Ballis said...

You are the most adorable stalker ever. So much better than Freshman BF who I dated for 3 mos and who stalked me for 6. Used to fall asleep on the stairs in front of my dorm, prompting me to leave window of 1st floor room off hinges for sneaking back in without waking him. But I digress. And I thank you for your totally fabulous stalking. Sadly, the necklace may not leave me, as it was a very personal purchase out in Arizona, but I am touched by your devotion to it, and me. And would be delighted to meet you, or any of your readers who might win the contest!

Julie, The Wife said...

Sooo...sleeping on the stairs at your place is okay? You won't call the cops? AWESOME!

Maxabella said...

How can they resist you!? Okay, so you're a little, tiny bit creepy with your mega obsession, but one look at your adorable eager face and I'd sign you up to BFF status. Jen, your days sans-Julie are numbered!!

Clare said...

Love it! Thanks for the author recommend too! I'm going to get her book! How can I not, with your glowing review, Julie?

Tricia said...

thanks for the heads up on new reads!

ForeverRhonda said...

Seriously Stacy commented on YOUR BLOG! How freaking out are you right now?? Too bad we don't live closer because I am also a bajillion times or so...and we could have made the pact..if I win I take you, and vice versa.

Julie, The Wife said...

I KNOW Rhonda, I was sort of freaking out. Like enough to wake CH up and say, "Come read this!" and him to say, "No way, are you crazy!? I'm sleeping!" and me to say, "Fletch would have done it." I would totally do that pact. Damn it. How close are you to the Quad Cities?

Anonymous said...

RL is THE place for lunch. The chardonnay is so yummy. And buttery. And if you don't take me when you win the contest then you can never reference me in your blog again and then where will you be without all those great pee and sex stories???

-- Pat

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