Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Sort of Love Mondays

Hello Wifers and Happy Monday to you!

Oh yes, I'm annoyingly cheerful this morning because it is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!
(It is actually Sunday night at 9:20 p.m., but I can see into the future, and YES!  Yes, I am happily walking away from the school after dropping my highly adorable children there to be someone else's problem for six hours.  Thank you, Public School System.

Since I am 100 pages from the end of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I am jonesing to go to bed and finish that bad boy.  It's pretty good - I cringed in a spot of sexual abuse, it never fails to annoy me when I'm reading a good thriller and they have to throw some sadistic sex in, but I worked through it and now I can't put the damn book down.

A quick recap of the weekend:  
  • Got home from work Friday and Current Husband had ordered pizza.  I don't care if he cooks the meal, as long as the meal has been arranged.  Points for you, CH.  You have been a trouper with the job thing.  (Is it "trouper" or "trooper"?  I don't know.)
  • Woke up early on Saturday morning, loaded two younger children in van, picked up friend and her two kids and drove to Chicago to see Shrek the Musical at the Cadillac Theater.  We ate heavenly sandwiches and lemon bars at Corner BakeryWe took the kids to slide down the elephant sculpture downtown.  We saw a most excellent show.  We got out of downtown without getting lost and missing the exit to I-290.  The sky was blue, the weather was perfect, it was a slice of heaven.  We saw an actual cloud with a silver lining, and when the Low Fuel light came on and a child said "I need to go to the bathroom" simultaneously, the sign appeared that said DEKALB OASIS - 1 MILE.  The clouds parted, the angels wept, and I got a skinny vanilla latte.  Thank you, Jesus.
  • Today, I slept in.  I read some of my book.  I had coffee made by CH.  I took the girls to get Back to School pedicures (YD just got her nails painted with flowers, my shade was I'm Not A Waitress) and Taco Bell. Got home and CH said "Let's just the two of us go out for margaritas and chips and queso dip".  And so we did.  And then we got home and had a little din with the kiddos and I went for a walk with The Son and YD and George the Superpet, and I didn't even care when he took a colossal crap in someone's yard and I had to carry it around the neighborhood in a bag, because Mr. Bluebird was on my shoulder.
  • Tonight, kids in bed ON TIME, pre-made tomorrow morning's coffee, everyone's outfits are laid out, I am pre-showered.  
So now I'm waiting.  Because obviously the IRS is going to call with an audit or our fridge will break or I will get a yeast infection, because really, I'm not used to things going this smoothly.  And maybe, just maybe, I thrive on a little bit of drama.  That's as close as I'm going to get to admitting I am a drama queen.

I'm taking my Waitress/Hooker nails to bed to finish Dragon Tattoo.  Have a terrific day and an excellent week, and I'm sure by Wednesday's blog some kind of hell will have broken loose.  Until then!


Melissa E. said...

Your joy at back to school means that my vacation is over. But I understand, really I do. Enjoy your book. :)

That nail polish color? "I'm not really a waitress" red? It has always brought me luck. Good things happen when I wear that color. I was wearing that color on my toes when I met my husband. Hopefully it will bring you luck as well.

Boonsong said...

"Things seem to be going pretty well (for you), although there is a possibility of a drop of rain soon" as Noah's neighbours said.
Amusing post. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonsong

ZEKE said...

I just got a birthday pedicure with the same I'm not a waitress...funny. I think we all know that I'm not waitress is just code for hooker red.

Congrats on back to school. My mother loved it so much we used to get presents under our pillows in the morning.

GrandeMocha said...

Congrats! Our school start 8/26 and I'm counting down the days. Just found the summer reading list, oops.

Queen of the Rant said...

hahahhahah I dont know what is up with me today, but I have a song that you need to listen to that made me think of you when I heard it-dont know why but it did...
ps-been doing this to people all day, sorry- if you hate country

Mr. Mom
by- Lonestar

let me know what you think...

The Insatiable Host said...

So first off you know damn well that you aren't gonn read your book...not after Margaritas and Hooker nails...CH you're a stud!!!

Way to get her all drunk and cozy. Actually now that I read this it seems that this was his plan all, coffee, mani-pedi's and hooker nails with margaritas...CH is a smooth devil.

Wife; I really hope your idea of excitement isn't a yeast infection...that's just nothing to joke about. My cat (like the real cat) has a yeast infection in her mouth...and I don't know how a cat gets that, unless she is a lesbian cat, which is her choice..) regardless...she has THRUSH and it's no laughin matter...ick.

Also, why the HELL do your schools start so early???? Ours don't start until Sept that is a miracle as I am not prepared to have another calendar of events to co-ordinate...

Your weekend sounds amazing, and I miss you.


Anita said...

Tomorrow I go back to school/work, Thursday the kids. I have everything cleaned, some things repainted and am actually patching some drywall. OUT.OF.CONTROL. And the cabinets? I obviously scrubbed the heck out of them before the picture. I don;t need the Health Dept to shut me down :)

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