Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's the Happy Bloggyversary Giveaway Post!

Happy Bloggyversary, Wifers!
It all started a year ago on September 1...A Day in the Wife was born on Blogger! 

My first post was the beginning of my Blogger life, so I decided to commemorate the great poet of our time, the one in spangly tops and tight lycra pants, the one who told the tale of immigrants on the boats and on the planes, comin' to America...the one, the only, Neil Diamond.    Neil was with me when no one was...from 0 followers, when no one Brought Me Flowers, up to 202 one year later, when you turned on your Heart Light.  Hello again, Hello, Wifers.  Because do I have a deal for you!

Introducing the Happy Bloggyversary Giveaway!
"Oooh, oooh, what can I win Julie?"
Well let me tell you what will be included 
in this ADITW commemorative prize package:

1. A copy of "Good Enough to Eat
by Stacey Ballis (have you pre-ordered your own copy yet?  
Only five days left...)  One of the best prizes, really.

2. A copy of "Bitter is the New Black
by Jen Lancaster so you can start 
your own stalking adventure!
Also an excellent prize.
3. "What happens tonight goes on Facebook tomorrow" napkins, 
regifted from a friend.  I think they are so funny 
that I can't bear to break them open, so they must be shared.

4. One pound of Starbucks coffee, from one junkie to another.  
 I personally recommend Komodo Dragon, but to each her own.

5. A "French Toast" bread press, 
cousin to the Holy Toast press featured on this blog

6. A framed photo of George the Superpet, 
complete with a creepy lock of fur.

7. A framed companion photo of Todd "Hot Nuts" Epstein.

8. A custom-made evil mural by Youngest Daughter.  She will cut you.
9.  A "mix-tape" (on CD) of songs featured on the blog, 
including songs by Ok Go, band of my 
adolescent music crush Damian Kulash.

10.  Inclusion on my 2010 Christmas card list, 
where I list our failures and disappointments for the year.
(Above is 2004 Christmas card pic)

11.  Anne Taintor postcard magnet.

12.  Assorted other items I may be trying to get rid of
13.  Things I might have stolen
    "Julie the Wife, how do I get involved in this 
    ridiculously bad giveaway?"  I'm glad you asked!

    Here is how it works:
    One grand prize winner will receive all of the above items.  One second place winner will also receive copies of the Stacey Ballis and Jen Lancaster books.  Both winners will be featured in a phony blog written about their cross-country adventure taken last summer in their convertible 2008 VW bug, or their slumber party with Alice and Rosalie and Bella, or their Christmas with Chuck Norris, or an equivalent story.  The contest is open from this very second until midnight on September 15, 2010 CST.  Prizes will be sent by September 30.

    How do you play?
    Every comment posted between now and September 15 on either the A Day In The Wife blog or on the ADITW Facebook page gives you one entry.  Get a new follower of ADITW on Facebook or the blog and have them comment that you sent them, and you will get three entries.  I will record the drawing of the names and post the video on You Tube, embedded on the blog, so you can see my surprise and joy at the names drawn.  My attorney will be present at the drawing so it seems legal and aboveboard, but we might be enjoying a glass of wine, which negates the legitimacy but creates a sense of occasion.  Only one comment per day will count toward the contest, but I always love to hear from you.

    Beyond the contests and all of that sort of hullaballoo, let me take a moment to thank you all, dear readers, for this bloggy adventure.  It has been fun seeing your names pop up on the comments and gathering the flock.  You have weathered the best of posts and the worst of posts.  You have stumbled drunk with me to see Jen Lancaster and watched my daughter puke on my feet.  You have endured FORTY Whoreticulture Fridays.  It is these things and more that, in the immortal words of James Taylor, make me want to STOP.  And thank you, baby.  Happy Bloggyversary!  Thanks for reading!

    Smooches and inappropriate innuendo to you all,


    SueWags said...

    I am going to stalk and comment because I want to win!

    So, I see there's an exciting announcement and I quickly go to the blog (yes, I know it was posted 22 hours ago, but I just saw it and it's Wednesday here, so there) and the exciting announcement wasn't up yet, but the post about YD vomiting was, but when I start reading it (hello, run-on sentence!) you are going to Omaha because you used to live outside of it (trying to see how long I can make this sentence) and I think to myself, "JULIE IS MOVING TO OMAHA AND WE'RE GOING TO BE NEIGHBORS SOMEDAY!" and then I realize that it's the Gap Rewards post and I guess I have to end this sentence someday, but first I'm going to say that I walked away then came back and hit "refresh" and your exciting announcement was here!

    SueWags said...

    I can't get extra credit for all of the people I've referred over the last year? ;-)

    Logical Libby said...

    Things you may have stolen?

    Like the Bud Light?

    CrackedGem said...


    Pam said...

    Julie, I just recently "found" you! Your writing is definitely my cup of tea...er...um...make that coffee!
    Congrats on entertaining the masses for a full year!
    Pam W

    Boonie S said...

    I was hoping the prizes would be rather more salacious. Never mind – entry’s free anyway.

    Happy Bloggythingy, from Boonie

    Jody said...

    Wow...202 followers in one year! I've been at it for 7 and only have five (although I know a lot more people visit)

    How do I score some of those FB napkins, they are awesome (I live in the UK so am always exempt from giveaways!)

    The previous post about YD puking was very funny.

    Happy Bloggaversary, keep up the great posts.

    Maria said...

    Pick me, PLEASE!!! I love your blog, esepcially the humor you use. Thanks for the laughs.

    The Table of Promise said...

    I love this blog! Ha! I want to be on your Christmas card list, because then I can put you on ours. I am forced by Shutterfly to order 50 cards at once, but I only have like 45 people to send them to. You would be a perfect addition and would help me to take advantage of that which I have already been forced to buy!

    I am also so impressed that you have 202 followers in only a year. I can only be so lucky! Happy Bloggy Birthday!

    The Table of Promise said...

    I now also realize that the squirrel is stuffed, because he is in the same position in the picture on your sidebar with the santa hat as he is in the garden holding the shears.

    Whoa. You have a stuffed squirrel in your house. You just can't make this s*** up.

    GrandeMocha said...

    I love smooches and inappropriate innuendo and Starbucks and Jen Lancaster and Whoreticulture Fridays and you!

    Tonya said...

    Oh dear...you might be sorry that you are actually encouraging me to comment EVERY single day! I'm so pumped about this prize package that I just drooled on my laptop....until tomorrow!

    Clare said...

    Oh Julie, I'm a swag hag. Count me in. :)

    Melissa said...

    Happy Bloggyversary!! Keep up the god work... no body does it better.

    Michelle said...

    Congrats on your anniversary, Jude, but only 15 days to mail the prizes?!? Don't you think you should give yourself a little more time? :) ...You know I love you!

    Julie, The Wife said...

    But Meem, I told myself I would mail them on Sept. 16, the next day. That way it will be done by Sept. 30. You know I love you too, even if you look devastatingly hot in a bikini when I have to sit next to you at the pool in my shorts because I forgot to shave. Is that TMI?

    Shirley said...

    I love that you have Budlight on your Christmas card!

    ZEKE said...

    Happy Bloggyversary! Thanks for the entertainment and the good laughs.

    PHX Mama said...

    @Shirley: Wait, there's Bud Light on the xmas card? Julie really does care enough to send the very best!

    Queen of the Rant said...

    ohhh looks like some great stuff here,

    Wendy Ramer said...

    I so want those napkins, and the French toast press, and the evil mural by YD, so I'm in. Oh yeah, and that glass of wine sounds delish too.

    Michelle said...

    One more comment, one more entry! I want to win! YD, get drawing... :)

    Tonya said...

    Does this count as a comment on Sept 2?

    A little story: we have recently introduced my 6 yr old to the listening pleasures of Def Leppard and he's obsessed. Yesterday he came home early from a playdate and the mother pulled me aside with a look of confusion and slight horror on her face. Apparently she walked in on the boys with their shirts off, swinging them over their heads and grinding, while screaming," I'm hot, sticky sweet...from my head, to my feet..." I laughed my ass off and she stormed out...oh well...

    Julie, The Wife said...

    @Tonya - that is awesome. Def Leppard was my first concert, and it was when the drummer had two arms. Oh yeah, I'm THAT old.

    Queen of the Rant said...

    do I get extra entries for giving you a blog award-c my site for deets

    Anonymous said...

    This is my first time visiting your blog, and it's dangerous - I just had a root canal today and it seriously hurts to smile. Congratulations on your bloggyversary!

    GrandeMocha said...

    I came to check if Whoreticulture Friday was early. Sadly, no.

    Anonymous said...

    Happy Bloggyversary!! Count me in sis!

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