Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Whoreticulture Friday!
Issue 77

Whoreticulture: The industry and science of whores and whore-related topics. Whoreticulturists work and conduct research in the disciplines of OB-GYNery, Brazilian waxers and shavers, adultery, personal hygiene mavens and easy women. The word is composite, from two words, whore, from Greek meaning "harlot" or "dear", and the word "culture". Like NPR's Science Friday, Whoreticulture Friday exists to educate and spark discussion on the science of Whorology. Whoreticulture Friday is not for children. Or squeamish people. Or Mother-In-Laws. Or people I work with. Or anyone who lives within 10 miles of me. Or parents of my children's friends. Or my friends who love Rush Limbaugh.

Today's topic: Big Fat Sluts

A Whoreticulture Friday Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh:

Dear Rush,

Hi! My name is Julie, and I am a big, fat slut. Wanna know why? Because I used birth control, subsidized by Planned Parenthood, when I was in college. I didn't have health insurance, so I suppose it was partially paid for by the government. Because I didn't become pregnant in college, I didn't become dependent on WIC or welfare, which I also understand you to be against. Because I didn't get pregnant, I earned my college degree so I could get substandard jobs where I get paid less than my male counterparts and pay loads of income and property tax. I'm actually guessing the percentage of my income tax is higher than yours, because you have really good accountants to go along with the really good attorneys you used to get you out of that whole prescription drug abuse scenario. But I'm getting off topic.

Here is what I understand is the story, and what you said, according to The Washington Post:

Sandra Fluke said her fellow students at Georgetown, a Jesuit university, pay as much as $1,000 a year for birth control because campus health plans do not include coverage of contraceptives for women.

“What does that make her?” Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday night. “It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute.”

“She wants to be paid to have sex,” Limbaugh continued. “She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception.”

On Thursday, Limbaugh expanded on his thoughts but offered no apology. Referring to controversial remarks by Foster Friess, a supporter of former senator Rick Santorum, Limbaugh said, “I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want.”

What I have a problem with is saying that someone who speaks out on behalf of people who want birth control, someone who it exercising their right to FREE SPEECH, is called a slut and prostitute, and then, APPALLINGLY, told that she should post videos of herself having sex if employers or the government have to pay for the contraceptives. I'm sorry, but wanting to be on contraceptives does not make women sluts. Or prostitutes. Or obligated to post sex tapes on the internet.

So, Rush, from one slut to another? The next time you want to have sex? Maybe you should go fuck yourself.  (I feel like I lifted this from Jen Lancaster's post on the guy who asked her to save his marriage after he was caught cheating, but there is just no other way to say it.)

With Protected Love,


Mom of AOCG said...

LOVE! Great job! xoxo

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