Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Tale of Four Movies

This is kind of a big movie week in our house.  At least it is for me, and really, who cares about the others.  This isn't A Day In All Of Our Lives blog, is it?

First, I did get Current Husband and The Son to watch Breaking Dawn, Part 1 with me over Spring Break.  Current Husband wondered which people had implants and was then disappointed by the lack of a big bloody hunting/fight scene (QUOTE:  "I was so relieved they got that wedding out of the way fast, but the blood never came.")  The Son was traumatized by the sex and the birthing, which is honestly good news for me.  Maybe they should start showing Breaking Dawn in Health class in middle school.

Second, I got Oldest Daughter to watch Breaking Dawn, Part 1 with me on Sunday night.  We saw it in the theater together, but it was nice to watch it again with her.  Although I'm sure you're seeing a theme in which I watch Twilight movies and don't really give a shit who watches with me, but it seems pathetic to watch them alone.

Oh.  Hi Rob.  What are you doing here again?
I watch this movie for the articles, I swear.

Third, Hunger Games comes out this week.  Seriously can't wait, this movie is going to kick ass, as evidenced by the fact that they cast Lenny Kravitz as Cinna.  Woot!  I bought six tickets today so CH and I can go, and we'll let Oldest Daughter and The Son each bring a friend.  So what happens?  The Son tells Youngest Daughter about it while they are walking home.  When, oh when, will these children learn to keep secrets from each other?  Were we going to lie to YD about the rest of us going to a movie without her?  OF COURSE WE WERE!  I'd come up with a separate but equal option that doesn't involve her watching children fight other children to the death, take out the part about all of us eating ourselves sick with popcorn and peanut M&M's (seriously, if you haven't eaten this artery-clogging concoction then you haven't truly lived), and pick her up after the show with Skittles in hand.  Easy.  Now I'm going to have to spend my entire week explaining to her why she can't see Hunger Games. Thanks a LOT, Mr. Full Disclosure.

Fourth, the Breaking Dawn, Part 2 teaser came out today, and it is truly that.  Watch closely, it lasts 15 seconds:

Next time, just flash Jacob tearing his shirt off and show Edward flexing his back muscles (I still can't get over seeing Spot, the one nipple of his with a donut of hair around it, in New Moon), and whisper, "Twilight!"  You've got me.  They could just show a flash of Charlie saying, "What the fu..." and the release date, and people would go crazy.  (Do you hear me, BD2 people?  I would LOVE to see that teaser!!)  I thought this movie would come out in June because that's how they've released Twilight  movies, but NOOOO.  It's not coming out until NOVEMBER!  WTF, people!?  That's eight months away!

I hope the DVD player is ready, because that leaves time for a LOT of BD1 showings.  Wanna watch with me?  I'll make popcorn and peanut M&Ms....


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