Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who Left Their 15-Year-Old In My House?

Because I am clearly not old enough to have one. 
In my mind I'm 23.

Last Friday, this sweet little (slightly jaundiced) peep...

turned into this sweet one-year-from-sixteen:

They're so cute when mildly violent.

So now I have this 15-year-old in my house. 
About eight birthdays ago she was happy to get this:

Now she is mildly excited to get this:

And the son is pretty psyched to be giving the gift.  He was hoping she would be uncomfortable getting this from him, so he ended up disappointed.  OD doesn't show emotion.  That is SO middle school.

Instead of a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese or Incredible Pizza or American Girl, Oldest Daughter decided she wanted a small teenage dinner party at our house.  I made homemade crab rangoon and then ordered all the rest, because I only give about 30% effort at home anymore, and we opened the door to three girls and two boys.  (Technically only two girls, one was late.)

They all acted very mature and grown-up, until the boys decided to start putting Chip Clips on their noses.  OD said, "One of you is going to get hurt" right about the time that Boy 2 (non-boyfriend guest) started bleeding from the nose.  He was very polite and somewhat shamed as OD is standing outside the bathroom door yelling, "You have to blow the clot out.  Trust me, my brother gets these all the time."  Unfortunately, this extremely sweet boy wiped his bloody hands on my snowy-white guest hand towel.  Damn you, Chip Clips, and your irresistable clamping abilities!  It's not a party until someone is bleeding. 

The Boyfriend gave her a fish, which she now loves with all her heart. 

His name is Demetrius Philbert II. 

I hope he makes it until Easter, because my understanding is that fish have short lifespans.


Mom of AOCG said...

That is super cute that boyfriend gave OD a fish. And the dinner party? You're the Mom with the most. xo

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