Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bring Me Gravy, Or Bring Me Death.


I am so flipping beat up.  Had an awesome day at the Hooker Convention, those ladies wouldn't ever stop coming and waving their credit cards at us, which is awesome.  BUT.  I did not sit or use a bathroom or eat from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., and my varicose veins were saying, "Sit DOWN, Bitch!" and my back was saying, "Yeah, what they said!" and my teeth were dry from all that smiling and talking.  I did wear my new hooker shirt, and I took a picture, and then I left my camera in the exhibition hall, so no photo.  Tomorrow.

When the show was over for the day and we could leave, we walked to a restaurant called "The Barn" and had the buffet.  My plate was like a 15-year-old boy's - fried chicken, gravy, Mt. Mashed Potato, gravy, roast beef, gravy, BBQ beef, gravy, buttered peas and cherry bread pudding.  And gravy. It was all I could do to not climb into that gravy tray and bathe in it.  We're in Mennonite country, people - my dad's family all still live here, and I KNOW they can cook.  Bring me your gravy, or bring me death.

It is 11 p.m., and I am going to get in my king-sized bed, maybe read a chapter of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest, and then dream of gravy.  And CH, of course.  With gravy.


Kris said...

Two of world's most perfect foods - mashed potatoes and gravy. Bacon too ... but that goes without saying! :)

shiny/happy@home said...

Being FROM Ohio myself, it is a little-known secret that gravy is our state's way of making sure people never leave...bwahahaha!!! It is the official sidedish of Ohio, addictive in nature, and what weighs the state down to the map. Otherwise we'd wash right off come spring! (3 months of rain, straight up!!) Another great reason to move to Colorado. ;) (Although I do miss the gravy!!)

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