Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wrap It Up Sunday

Finally, after not being able to post all day on Blogger, it is finally back up and running!  WHEW!  I thought I'd have to break the month-long streak, and it's Day 28!  I'm almost there!

I finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest last night, so that's a relief.  When I start a book like that, I get a little obsessive and keep finding ways to sneak in another chapter, like faking an intestinal illness or looking for something in my car.  With my book.  I read the first two books in this series a long time ago, but I'm a little bit OCD about my books, and if I have the first two in hardcover, I need the third in hardcover.  This group went the other way, and I had the first two in paperback, so I've been waiting for about two years for Hornet's Nest to go paperback so I can have my set, and they steadfastly refuse to release in paperback.  I finally had to borrow the book from a friend so I could read it already!

So I spent all day yesterday finishing the book, and spent much of today tearing down my basement.  We are finishing the basement so the kids have a place to go with their friends and a place for visitors to stay, but we saved a ton of money by doing the demolition ourselves, and how hard can it be to tear down some walls?

Um...kind of hard?

Look how ugly this bad boy is...Our contractor is coming on Oct. 3 to put up walls and make it gorgeous, but in the interim we are tearing down the icky 1970's walls, powerwashing the cinderblock walls and Dry-Lock painting them, and we are tearing down the ceiling and having it exposed and painted white, because I'm going for sort of a loft-like, industrial look.  I'll admit it, I'm having an IKEA moment down there.

Our guy thinks it will take him and his crew about two weeks to put it all together, so I'm thinking more like three, but hopefully by Nov. 1 we will be able to get some furniture in there and have a little par-tay.  For now, I'm taking an Aleve so my aching back can quit swearing at me, and chasing with a little Gruet.  What?  You are unfamiliar?

Gruet is a fantabulous sparkling wine that is made in New Mexico and is inexpensive and delicioso.  A friend who owned a wine business served it to us once and said, "It's so sad that sparkling wines are reserved for special occasions.  I think sometimes it's a special occasion that you made it home." 

Amen, Brother.

I have fully embraced this philosophy.  Gruet is very yummy with fruit and dessert and on hot summer nights.  And cool fall nights.  Hell, I love it in winter too.  I swear the Gruet company is not paying me for this even though it looks like an advertorial, but no company would pay me for anything because my Mom and her two non-English speaking co-workers don't buy much.  CH and I are celebrating 16 years and two days tonight.

Have a terrific week Wifers!  We are almost at month-end!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, Julie- I LOVE this blog. You now have more than your mom and her non-english speaking co-workers as readers. I loved this so much that I wasted the entire week-end reading old posts. As if that were not enough, I have shared you with my neighbor, sister and co-workers. Talk about Whoreticulture! Believe me when I say that I work in healthcare and you have been shared with 2 boob smashers and a uterus watcher. Oh the hilarity of it all!

Allers Family said...

Feel free to come on over and help with my basement. If you'll work for wine and a DD, we'll have a deal!

pegzhere said...

Can't wait to see the finished basement! Also need to try some of that sparkling. I mostly drink beverages with bubbles and decided a loooooong time ago that if it was just for special occasions then any old occasion would have to be considered special :)

Mel said...

Great news for all of us readers: that basement remodel will seem like it flies by! For you, maybe not so much.

Love the idea of sparkling wine for just making it home. Gonna remember that one!

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