Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7, Continued, a.k.a. Yay Pictures!

One thing I like to do in my space is surround myself with things that I love - things that maybe no one else would understand, but make me happy.  My Grandpa's shaving mug and brush.  The inside page of a vintage gardening book.  An old plate with nutrition facts on it.  My Author Stalker Wall of Fame.  An old frame around the window.  And party lights.  Oh YES.  Lots and lots of party lights.

My Author Stalker Wall and an award I won a long time ago and my fave pic of The Son with our first dog, Sugar Magnolia.  I am putting my fave pics of the girls up too, really I am.

All the vintage state plates and others I break.  It's very therapeutic and then I call it Art.  A win-win!

My Edward and Bella action figures, priceless pottery made by the children, and pink flamingo lights, my homage to white trash living.  This is the entrance to a crawl space under the kitchen, so it's a little creepy anyway, why not fill it with a sparkly vampire and his simpering human girlfriend?

A perfect space for my Beatles' Yellow Submarine action figures, Mint in Box mind you.  Poor Ringo is down below, he wouldn't fit in the pic.  Poor Ringo.  He was always sort of the Fourth Beatle anyway.

This is sort of a fun thing I put on the wall outside of my studio room - it's the cast iron mailbox from my great-grandmother's house in Shenandoah, Iowa.  Her last name was Barton, which is my nom de plume when writing.  She lived in a big beautiful Victorian house, pink with a picket fence and hydrangea bushes and roses and dishes of butterscotch candies.  The flower on the bottom moves so you can see if you have mail and then perhaps don't have to bother unlocking the padlock that would be on the front.  It's really lovely and makes me think of her.  So, I put it outside the studio, and the kids have been putting notes in it to me.  I get them and answer them, and put notes back to them in their room.  That way, the room is my space, but it's a fun thing for them too.

That is all on the studio - I hope all of you are able to carve out a space of your own as well!


GrandeMocha said...

I'm jealous! I want my own room.

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