Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4 - Ponies and Unicorns

I spend a lot of time bitching.

It's sort of what I do.  Usually it's in some kind of smart-ass, trying to be funny way, and sometimes it's serious WTF, why doesn't anyone else see the dirty dishes/laundry/floors/bathrooms?  Today, however, was all Unicorns and Ponies, and since I'm blogging every day in August, I'm going to tell you all about it. 

I got up, and Current Husband had made a pot of French press coffee, which was dark and rich, like my men.  I had some delicious fresh fruit salad in my fridge, which made me feel good that I was doing something healthy.  Yay, points for responsible adult living!

I got to work on time.  It wasn't nearly as hot today.  It's Thursday, so it's close to the weekend, always a good thing.  I had ironed pants for a change.  My hair looked okay.  Work went well.  I got a coat of paint on the shelves for The Son's room (Tomorrow's blog?  My incredibly abysmal carpentry skills.)  I had a lovely time in the last few days with a good friend who is visiting, and her shiny happy daughter who stayed with us.  It was my mom's birthday and we had a nice chat.  My co-worker mentioned that she needed a donut, and I surprised her by going out and buying donuts.  (Yay for unrefined sugar products!  That was a total win-win.)  Another co-worker brought his brand new baby boy to work, and he teared up when a group of us gave him a large gift card.  My lovely neighbor texted pictures of her adorable new baby (born yesterday!) to me and we made plans to have some celebratory wine together when she gets home from hospital.  And?  I get to hold said adorable baby!  And give him back when he cries and go home and get a good nights' sleep!

I left work a few minutes early to get my hair highlighted and cut.  My gal handed me a glass of pinot grigio when I walked in the door, sat me down, and went to work.  She always does a scalp massage in the middle, which I love, and my hair turned out great.  I went home to find CH had made dinner for the kids, and 10 minutes later I walked out the door to have a margarita with a friend I hadn't seen in over a month, and we had a great time catching up.

Was it a perfect day?  No, because those are really rare.  But for all of the days that I feel down or like things aren't going my way, I have a day like this and think that life is Pretty Damn Good.  The simple pleasures of French press coffee and scalp massages and good talks with good friends.  The joy of seeing a family with a newborn baby and all the hope and love that goes with it.  The relief of having a haircut go well!  No unexpected curveballs!  A sugar donut!

That was today's Day in the Wife.  I hope you have a Pretty Damn Good day too.


Anonymous said...

Wow that wine sounds good...she never gives me a glass when I walk in...of course that's at 10:00 in the morning-but still!

GrandeMocha said...

I know I shouldn't bitch about my life but that doesn't stop me!!!

I like my men, chocolate, & coffee dark & rich.

Good for you to take time to get your hair done & your margarita on!

Brooke said...

WTH? I need to find a salon that hands me a glass of wine to drink while doing my hair! That I'd pay good money for. And yay for your good day!

Rhonda said...

sounds like a great day...the only thing better would be having one of the people you stalk reciprocate.

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