Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Under the Wire!

Hello Wifers!  In the words of Barry Manilow, Looks Like We Made It!  It's my last day on one full month of blogging.  The weird thing, I have all kinds of stuff to talk about today, so I'm going to Cliff's Notes it tonight.

A)  Took my day off today, it was completely and utterly kick ass.  I had nothing scheduled, the kids were at school, Current Husband was at work.  I got a Venti Quad Skinny Vanilla Latte, brought it home, cranked the tunes, worked on my office, and hung out with George the Superpet.  My bra stayed on.  It was awesome and made me really pine for my days of being at home.  Must do that again.

B)  Finished The Art of Racing in the Rain.  Holy. Shit.  This is one of the best books I've read in a while.  Beautifully written, love the metaphors and the narrator, and at the end I was smile crying, snot and tears running down my face, breath hitching, the works.  Two day read, couldn't put it down.  Wow.

So worth it.

3) Took Youngest Daughter to the doctor for some warts on her foot.  We had these treated in June, but it turns out that the liquid they put on the warts either burns them off or makes them bigger.  As luck would have it, our warts were very happy to stay right where they are.  We were told she had to get them frozen, and she FREAKED.  I bought her a book she wants while we waited for the nitrogen appointment, and YD was such a trouper.  She had THREE large warts frozen three times each, and she laid there with her little tiny third grade ballerina body and her big eyes, terrified, and held my hand and counted for the doctor.  Afterward, the doctor looked at her in amazement and said, "You were unbelievable.  I have adults that don't handle that nearly as well as you did.  You're a tough kid."  But it's SO HARD to stand there and say reassuring things and hold her hand when you would so much rather be the one getting it than her.  Poor baby.  I'm going to put that in the NO FUN column, and hope when we go back in two weeks that they are completely gone.

4)  I spoke with a friend tonight who is going through a terrible terrible ordeal right now, and I felt helpless again in an entirely different way.  I want to drive over there and pick her up and take her to Canada or Hawaii or Cape Cod or Nashville and get her away from it all for 48 hours.  In some ways it's good for me to have these conversations, because it really makes Perspective kick you in the butt and say, "You?  You have nothing to bitch about lady.  Your life is good." 

This last convo tonight, which ended about 30 minutes ago, also made me think about other friends who might need a chat.  I've been so busy with my job and wrapped up in school starting and my own life that I've been a bit neglectful of some people in my life who are true blue friends.  Here is everyone's assignment today - just send a quick e-mail to a few people in your life you haven't spoken with lately.  It doesn't need to be in-depth, just say "Hey!  I wanted to check in with you quick and say I'm thinking about you!  Here is a virtual margarita - cheers!"  It will pay off in spades, I promise!

So the month of blogging is over!  But now it's going to be September, and the actual second bloggyversary, so I'm going to go all old school for those of you who have read the blog since the get-go, and I'm doing a theme month. 

September is officially Nancy Drew month!

Every blog post will be related to or at least mention Nancy Drew, that ginger bitch from River Heights who drove around town in her convertible and got all up in everyone's bizness.

I'll be back on Friday!  Thanks for reading!


pegzhere said...

Just saw this on the Kindle 100 under $3.99 list (for $2.99) - Confessions of a Teen Sleuth: A Parody by Chelsea Cain. Thought of you for Nancy Drew month. I don't remember much of the Nancy Drew I read but I suspect you do and this might be a fun read for you :)

Mel said...

You. You and Nancy. So silly.

tracy said...

I made a commitment also this month to make time to read your blog each day. I have looked forward to it each evening to see what you have to write about. You are such an incredible writer and I hope you make time to work on your book. I'm looking forward to Nancy Drew month!

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