Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 5 - A Place Of Your Own

First, I'd like to say that I seem to have sort of lost my mind.  I just realized today that I forgot my nephew's birthday because we were on vacation, and I'm completely tormented by it.  Second, I forgot that it's August and I need to get my kids' rides to and from school figured out in 10 days.  Third, I forgot about Whoreticulture Friday, because I was so excited about my good day that I was not in a whorish frame of mind, apparently.  On to the blogging marathon.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking alot about personal space, and not even in my normal double entendre/whoreticulture way.  We moved to Current House about a year ago, and I've been eyeing a little room in the basement for myself since the first time we looked at the place.  I call it my studio because that's very indie and college and artsy sounding, but really it's a bunker in the basement.  I finally finished my room!  I'm assembling my new chair and then it is finis!  I'll take pics of that for tomorrow.

Last Sunday, The Son went away to camp.  We get him tomorrow, and I can't wait!  He such a great guy, always so enthusiastic and sunny, and it's awfully quiet around here when he's gone. 

Here he is, picking Ron Weasley's nose.

His room in the "new" house is better, but it just wasn't set up in the best way, and he's 12 and starting middle school in 10 days, so he needed a bit more of a "hang out" space.  After we dropped him off at camp, we came home and started moving his furniture.  I ordered a faux leather futon/couch thing for his room, but sadly it won't get here until after he's home, so we won't get a Big Reveal.

The Son has a huge PEZ collection - over 250 of those little buggers have been all over his room.  He had some shelves, but not nearly enough to house his collection, and it is pretty cool, so I wanted to display it better.  While he was gone, I built and painted shelves for his room.  Don't be impressed - let's just say I won't get any carpentry awards.  They ended up how I imagine someone on a coke binge would build - fast and determined and filled with illusions of grandeur.  I got the middle shelves started, and then brought them upstairs to see how they looked before I painted them.

Hmm.  It was that wide the FIRST time I measured it....
"Which of these things is not like the other...."

And so, the Great Wall of PEZ had to wait.  I listened to some Ok Go on The Son's iPod, had a Diet Coke, and contemplated my options.  Suddenly, it came to me!  I could take the black bulletin board on the right and turn it the other way, thus creating room for my XL shelves.  Another Life Solution brought to you by The Caffeine Council.

Shelves were finished and painted, bulletin board was turned, and voila!  Success!

Sorry, my Blackberry isn't the best photograper.

His room is all clean and shiny, his PEZ are displayed, and his futon is en route.  I'm going to put this one in the WIN column.  Tomorrow I'll show you pictures of my "studio", and I'll also show you pics of my friend Tommie's newly built studio, which is kick ass.

Until then, sleep well Wifers!


Mel said...

OMG he is going to be so excited about he PEZ display! That is awesome, Mom! What kid doesn't want a room re-do that is truly about them?

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